Local Government Contractor Lending

Contractors to Local Government may find it difficult to meet their obligations to HMRC, Bank, Creditors and of course Sub-Contractors. Love Money can help

hands-1063442_960_720Love Money provides low cost micro-bridging finance that can help both the Contractor and Local Government.

Lending up to £350,000 per claim, per week – no personal guarantee required makes this a very attractive route for all parties.

The Love Money Local Government Contractor basic lending package is so simple…

  • an undertaking from the Local Government that payment will be made upon certification
  • we offer complete transparency with no set up fees
  • payment to the contractor within 24-hours of certification
  • 5 to 120-day rolling agreement (your choice)
  • no long-term undertaking
  • no personal guarantee
  • a one off agreement fee