Love Money

Love Money has created a new and exciting form of lending predominantly designed for the technology industry – albeit any industry sector is considered subject to being able to demonstrate significant growth potential. Finance can be made available within 24-hours.

We can replace existing lenders including banks and invoice finance. In addition, we provide mezzanine finance – in simple terms we are comfortable to take second place to a primary lender.

Our focus is on the SME market (Small and Medium sized Enterprises).

Unlike most lenders Love Money seeks to avoid the need for personal guarantees. Our simple philosophy is we are investing in your business and want to give it every chance of success – rather than just rely upon your home and business as security. You need support, freedom and sound commercial advice Love Money aims to give you exactly that.

Social Impact Funding is an area we are keen to expand – trading section of charities that can demonstrate a long-term growth potential and regulated social enterprises is a Love Money key target area.

Some businesses face financial difficulties Love Money provides Restructuring Finance. We have an expert team that are able in the majority of cases to replace existing lenders and provide further funds to help develop the company, its plans and protect personnel regardless of any current financial difficulties. The Love Money team is supported by insolvency professionals whose aim is to ensure the core business survives. This may mean advising on placing a company into administration or liquidation in order to protect the core values and investment.

With all Love Money funding we offer Bad Debt insurance – it is advisable to enquire about this excellent option.