The Insolvency Advisory Service

The Insolvency Advisory Service "IAS"

IAS is the premier Insolvency Advisory Service for Debtors.

Any financial difficulties you are suffering will be unique to you, we recognise this, we listen.

At IAS we take time to both understand the problems you are facing and discuss the various options available to protect you, your family and your business.

The advice we provide is designed to meet your immediate and ongoing needs based upon the circumstances you explain to us.

Getting clear, understandable and independent early advice is vital.

You may just need time to pay certain debts or arrange various settlements including HM Revenue & Customs, we do this for you, we make a positive difference, this is our area of expertise.

Borrowing more money is not always the answer - usually it is better to deal with the problem whilst arranging new finance to take the company forward. Imagine removing the debt and having the finance already in place to go forwards!

Don't ignore a statutory demand or a winding petition - get immediate advice, call us now.