vzx produce environmentally aware detergent, biocide and cleaning products designed primarily for aircraft, shipping, medical, leisure and farming.

We have an elite range of products designed for biological decontamination and all levels of bio-security.

vzx achieves a remarkable level of efficacy, substantivity and material compatibility.

Protecting the world we live in

vzx is effective against virtually all bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi and has been laboratory proven to kill pathogens in each key resistance category gaining it a scientific classification of having broad spectrum capability.

boeing_logovzx attains Boeing D6-7127 approval.

This means that vzx meets the requirements of the Boeing Aircraft Corporation for “cleaning interiors of commercial transport aircraft – Disinfectant Category”


airbus_logovzx attains AMS 1452B and AMS 1550B approvals.
This means that vzx meets the separate requirements of Airbus in regard to “Disinfectant, Aircraft General Purpose” and “cleaners for interior materials of aircraft”